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As far as I’m concerned, peanut butter is the perfect food, and I would happily eat it at every meal. It is also a lip-smacking way to raise awareness about our planet and the animals who live on it.

With tomorrow being Earth Day, the nut-loving folks at the PB&J Campaign have teamed with Sodexo ― a food-service company with 10 million customers at college campuses, corporate cafés, hospitals and senior residences ― to encourage diners to eat low on the food chain. That means enjoying a peanut butter sandwich with your favorite accompaniment: jelly, jam, banana, chocolate chips, etc.

Environmental advocates estimate that if all of Sodexo’s customers choose one plant-based meal, the PB&J For A Day campaign could save 1.3 billion gallons of water, 12,400 tons of carbon emissions and about 5,500 acres of land. And of course, whenever humans opt for plant-based food, animals benefit.

“More people relying directly on grains and legumes for protein means less consumption of animal products,” says Bernard Brown, who runs the PB&J Campaign. “Lower demand for animal products should mean fewer cattle, chickens and pigs consuming an outsized quantity of resources and producing pollution; of course, that also means fewer animals subject to the cruelty of our agricultural system.”

So get active and enjoy one of nature’s tastiest gifts!

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