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Alongside the growing popularity of backyard chickens and rabbits comes the horror of mobile slaughterhouses, which kill and butcher animals in local communities. These rolling torture units help make small-scale breeding and local animal agriculture viable by offering backdoor “meat processing.”

“Mobile slaughter trucks bring the sounds and smells of animals suffering and dying, disease, scavenger animals and the high risk of contamination to our creeks and land,” says Marcy Berman, founder of SaveABunny, a Marin County nonprofit that rescues and rehomes rabbits. Berman says Marin County is on the verge of allowing mobile slaughtering units, and she’s leading a campaign to get the proposal scrapped.

Image courtesy of the Rabbit Advocacy Network

Image courtesy of the Rabbit Advocacy Network

“Even if a rabbit is cared for decently in a meat-breeding operation, there is no guarantee that they will be killed in a humane manner,” she says. “Simply because rabbits can survive in a small cage, rabbits are classified by the FDA as poultry. As such, they can—and are—slaughtered alive. Screaming in terror and in great pain, they are skinned and eviscerated while conscious.”

Berman says that the proposal to allow mobile slaughter trucks is offensive not only because of the cruelty to animals, but because of the unacceptable costs and risks for public and private animal service organizations, for public health, and for the environment.

What You Can Do:

1. Sign and Share the Petition

2. Attend the Meeting. If you are local to Marin County, please try to attend the County Planning Workshop on Monday, November 28, and speak out.

Marin County Planning Workshop – Monday, November 28, 1:00pm
Marin County Civic Center
3501 Civic Center Dr, Suite 328
San Rafael, CA

3. Send Letters and Emails. See this link for sample wording. Please be polite in your communication. Send to:

Marin County Community Development Agency Planning
3501 Civic Center Dr, Suite 308
San Rafael, California 94903

Brian Crawford, Director of Community Development Agency

Jeremy Tejirian, Planning Manager

The Marin County Board of Supervisors:

Supervisor Damon Connolly

Supervisor Katie Rice

Supervisor Kathrin (note spelling) Sears

Supervisor Steve Kinsey

Supervisor Judy Arnold


Thank you!!


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