Last year, Matt Ball of Vegan Outreach gave a talk called “An Activist’s Life = A Meaningful Life” at the Their Lives, Our Voices conference in Minneapolis.* In his talk, Matt outlined some of the fundamental actions we can take on behalf of animals, emphasizing that by choosing to be part of something bigger than ourselves, anyone can have a more meaningful, rewarding life than by simply following the endless pursuit of more material possessions.

It’s a great message, and I was interested to see that author and activist Erik Marcus has embarked on a new online project called “An Activist’s Life.” As Erik explains in a recent post on, “I’m going to blog about my personal efforts for animals, and all the things in my life that I try to put in place to be as effective as I can be…. There is no ultimate form I expect this work to take. Just the feeling that if I can give you some insight into the way I’ve structured my life, and the things I do day after day, some people might either be inspired to take action, or be able to act more effectively for animals.”

Erik is creating this project as a tumblelog, which I just discovered is a short-form blog that may include mixed media, as opposed to the longer editorial posts we associate with traditional blogging. Erik writes: “One of the things I want to accomplish with this tumblelog is I want it to create more pathways for two-way and multi-way communication. is my soapbox. I want this site, by contrast, to be a source of dialog.”

I hope you’ll follow Erik’s activist life and participate; it’s sure to give you more than a few ideas on how you can become a more effective advocate.


* Coincidentally, I’ll be speaking at this year’s conference in June.