Mezzo-soprano star Katherine Jenkins was greeted by a chorus of boos when she arrived to open the winter harrodssale at London’s Harrods department store on Saturday. Protesters shouted “shame on Katherine” as she pulled up in a horse-drawn carriage. Harrods has long been the target of activists because the store sells real fur.


“We are gathered here because of our disgust at Ms. Jenkins, who professes to be against animal cruelty and the fur trade,” said John Wilson of the Coalition to Abolish Fur Trade, which organized the protest. “We understand that Harrods is now the only major store in the UK to sell imported fur,” even though the production of fur is illegal in the UK.


Jenkins was ushered into the store by Harrods chairman Mohamed al Fayed.


Earlier this year, British singer Leona Lewis turned down a lucrative offer from al Fayed to preside at the store’s summer sale opening. Various reports have suggested Lewis had been offered £1 million to attend the event. But Lewis, a vegetarian, turned him down. “I’m totally against animal cruelty,” she said. “I don’t have clothes, shoes or bags made from animal products.”


Harrods protests take place regularly at the store in London.