The Age, an Australian news outlet, is reporting today that secret police in Victoria have infiltrated Melbourne’s activist and community groups for two years to gather information on animal activists, protests against the Iraq War and a weapons exhibition.


Setha Sann, an undercover officer from Victoria’s Security Intelligence Group, posed as a vegan named Andrew and joined Animal Liberation Victoria, which engages in open rescues and other “threats” to Australia’s national security. The officer took the unwanted job of note-taker at ALV meetings. Other activists became suspicious. Why was “Andrew” always so interested in the next animal rescue or protest? Why was it that this vegan appeared to have no knowledge of Melbourne’s vegetarian restaurants?


Andrew took part in a rescue of battery hens in June, though he soon began shifting his spying from the animal rights movement to Australia’s weapons community.


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Thanks to Alistair Cornell of Animal Liberation SA for bringing this story to my attention.