Deirdre Sims holds one lucky piglet.
Deirdre Sims holds one lucky piglet.

One of the most active animal-rights groups in the world, New Zealand Open Rescue has carried out rescues and investigations in chicken, egg and pig farms, placing rescued animals in loving homes.


The group formed in 2006 after a number of animal advocates became increasingly frustrated with the New Zealand government’s lack of real action for animals on factory farms. “Twenty years of campaigning against factory farming using legal means such as protesting and lobbying saw little to no changes for animals,” says Deirdre Sims, one of the group’s founders. New Zealand Open Rescue’s aims are to openly rescue animals from places of abuse, to expose hidden suffering and to consistently provide irrefutable evidence why factory farming should be banned.


Deirdre says their long-term goal is to abolish factory farming, but in the meantime, they work to raise awareness. Their investigations and rescues are certainly doing that as they grab headlines and disseminate their own press releases. They also speak to the public.


“We are in the middle of planning investigations and rescues into broiler, pig and hen factory farms to tie in with the up coming New Zealand elections,” Deirdre tells me. “But our most recent action was a rescue of two piglets to tie in with Mother’s Day. We made a pretty cool video about it, placed the two female piglets into an amazing home and got some decent media coverage of the action.”


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